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Caxias do Sul - RS - Brazil

Caxias do sul / RS / BRAZIL

Caxias do Sul is a city located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil. The city was built where the Plateau Vacaria begins to fragment itself into several valleys crossed by small waterways. The result is a very rugged topography in its southern part.

The history of Caxias do Sul begins when the region was occupied by Indians and called Campo dos Bugres. In 1875 arrived the first Italian immigrants looking for a new start. Two years later, the Campo dos Bugres was called Colônia de Caxias. On June 20, 1890 it was then created the Municipality and on 1 June 1910, Caxias became a city and on the same day the first train to link the region to the state capital stopped at its station.

Different economic cycles marked the evolution of Caxias do Sul during these centuries from the vineyards to becoming the second metal-mechanic pole in Brazil. Along with these Italian immigrants, other ethnic groups shared this pathway. The miscegenation and acculturation developed beside the Italian culture and the Gaucho traditions.

The drive and determination inherited from the immigrants are the trade mark of people from Caxias. The National Monument to the Immigrant was erected in 1954 in the city that became famous for its Grape Festival. "We are a nation of nations. It's just fair to raise this memorable monument here", said Getúlio Vargas, the President of Brazil at the time.

Caxias do Sul is the core of one of the most diverse regions of Brazil. In 2015 celebrates the city celebrated its 125 anniversary. The industrial city is the result of laborious workers and a sum of wineries, industrial plants and a rich and dynamic sales environment.